Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaning

KCS provides a specialised crime scene cleaning service.

There has been a great demand for our services from housing associations, undertakers and police forces throughout the country as we are one of the few companies who specialise in crime scene cleaning and areas exposed to violent deaths.

  • In police cells, all bodily fluids are disinfected and removed leaving the cell completely sanitised.
  • We can also disinfect areas contaminated with body lice and other microscopic infestations and viruses.
  • We handle the complete task of Bio-Recovery, and can have all damaged property replaced, re-painted for insurance purposes after cleaning.
  • KCS cleaning handles all incineration of contaminated items, or uses another approved registered waste carrier where necessary.
  • All rooms are fogged to deodorise and a complete removal of all property is also available.

All our cleaning staff are insured and vaccinated against Hepatitis B, and trained by N.A.C.S.C for the handling of hazardous materials, such as body fluids or hypodermic needles infected with HIV or Hepatitis.

Remember VALUE FOR MONEY doesn’t always mean the cheapest!

For a free estimate with 24 hour call out please call 07968 143 187.