Floor Renovation

floor renovation

Cleaning, Polishing, Restoration of Wood, Stone, Vinyl & Safety Floors.

Our floor renovation service works with one of the leading floor care specialist Dr.Schutz™.

If you have a tired and worn looking vinyl, safety, stone or wooden floor, and don’t want the disruption and expense of laying a new floor, KCS Floor Care can renovate it.

Or if you have just spent a lot of money on a new floor we can protect it – making the life of your new floor longer, also bringing down the cost cleaning and maintaining.

Floor renovation can solve the following problems:

  • Extremely frequented floors means hard wear and heavy use.
  • Ugly scratches and unsightly friction marks.
  • Your floor needs intensive care and causes high cleaning costs.
  • It seems like renovation will soon be unavoidable.
  • Long business interruption would be too expensive and unacceptable.

…then KCS Floor care can help!

If you have a problem with a slippery floor, KCS can conduct slip test and make recommendations on how to improve it, we also offer a product that can make any floor comply with HSE regulations.

Don’t Replace it! Refurbish it!