Granwood and Wooden Floors sanding

Granwood and wooden floors sanding

Like any other sports flooring regular cleaning and maintenance of Granwood and Gransprung floors is essential in keeping the floor in top condition.  Build up of body fats or dust and dirt on the floor will seriously degrade its appearance, performance and life expectancy.  Loss of performance usually shows as a loss of traction which results in an increased risk of slips and falls.

KCS Cleaning offer Granwood and wooden floors sanding service in commercial and residential premises. Our highly trained and experienced teams using the highest quality equipment

KCS Cleaning offers the full range of refurbishment works including:

Granwood and wooden floors sanding – Full Sand and Re-Seal

Only the highest quality equipment is used with the assurance that all work is virtually dust-free, so there is no need for a deep clean on completion.

Scrub/Abrade and Re-Seal

This service offers a cost effective way of keeping the floor well maintained between full sand and seal programmes.

Court Marking

Full re-lining of indoor court markings to a professional standard on wood, Granwood and vinyl sports hall floors.

The complete Renovation and Restoration service, including sanding and sealing which could turn your old uneven and worn floor into one that looks like new again.