Stone Floor Polishing

Cleaning and Restoration Marble & Limestone

KCS are specialists in fixing, restoration, maintenance and cleaning services for Marble, Granite, Limestone and all Natural Stone surfaces.

Using the latest techniques and equipment we leave no stone unturned to give you excellent service.

Marble Floors

For polished marble we use a wet technique where there is little or no dust created.

The best way to clean and polish marble is a process call grinding:

Step 1:

Honing Marble: A smoothing action for getting rid of the scratches resulted from the process of marble grinding. Honing is simply a gentle grinding action that will make your marble surface extremely smooth and ready to apply polish to it.

Step 2:

Marble Polishing: This is the final step in the marble restoration method. Marble polishing can make the marble as shiny as possible.

Some companies will offer to use sealers and chemical hardeners but these are quick fixes and the best and only truly long-lasting technique is to grind the floor.

We can offer a similar service and restoration of grinding honing and polishing:

  • Marble Floor
  • Terrazzo Floor
  • Travertine Floor
  • Limestone Floor
  • and many more!