Sanitising Service

Santising Services

KCS Cleaning sanitising service uses the latest state of the art technology as recognised by the NHS, to help combat most virus including coronavirus, swine flu, norovirus and seasonally flu.

We can provide a range of air sanitising and deep-cleaning solutions, for both workplaces and homes.

Our Sanitising Service can help; thoroughly de-contaminating all type of premises including hotels, schools, offices, shops etc and all categories of transport including coaches, minibuses, aircraft, ships, trams and trains, in fact, any space that people congregate in a close environment.

The technique we use is called fogging, this involves dispersing atomised santisation vapour as a light fog into a dedicated area for complete decontamination. The area is back in use within 1 Hour of the treatment taking place. The disinfectant we use once applied correctly will kill 99.9999% of bacteria and virus.

KCS has research to find one best disinfectant on the market we use Chemspec 429. Chempec 429 will kill bacteria and virus instantly, it also has a residual effect means if the surface comes back into contact with virus again it kills instantly again, the product can stay active on a surface its been tested to stay active for 2-3 weeks but does last longer.

We also offer single item disinfection; please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

Office Sanitising Service

 If you’ve had a confirmed case of the Coronavirus in your workplace the best advice we can give is to shut down your office for at least 72 hrs if possible, inform the NHS and importantly, deep clean your workspace environment.

Or you have a number of employees currently self-isolating and want to deep clean your office environment as a preventative measure, our office disinfecting and sanitising services can help.

KCS Cleaning infection control services have been developed to support Facilities Managers & Office Managers prevent the spread of  COVID-19, as well as Noro Virus and many other well-known viruses to help protect the health and safety of your staff.

Home Sanitising Service 

If you have been self-isolating in recent weeks, we can help sanitise your home environment with hour Home Disinfecting Service.

Our trained team can disinfect your home quickly and efficiently using the latest fogging equipment.  We can sanitise and disinfect your premises regularly or simply as a one-off service.




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