Trauma Cleaning

trauma cleaning

KCS provides specialist trauma cleaning services such as:

We offer specialist cleaning throughout the south-east as we are one of the few companies who specialise in these types of services:

Following a trauma incident, it’s important that any remains of blood are cleaned and disinfected from the area. KCS Cleaning trained Technicians will help ensure that your premises are restored quickly and efficiently, whilst eliminating any health risks associated with hazardous contaminants.

Our specially trained operatives have the necessary experience to complete any trauma cleaning work with professionalism and compassion, as well as the expert knowledge required for the safe removal of materials after a traumatic event.

All our cleaning staff are insured and vaccinated against Hepatitis B, and trained in Trauma Cleaning by N.A.C.S.C for the handling of hazardous materials, such as body fluids or hypodermic needles infected with HIV or Hepatitis.

Remember VALUE FOR MONEY doesn’t always mean the cheapest!

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