Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Removal

KCS offer two types treatments for Bed Bug Removal:

Heat Treatment For Bed Bug Removal

Heat treatment is a new and very efficient way of killing bed bugs.

Because pesticides are losing their effectiveness at treating bed bugs, the search is on for new ways to eliminate infestations.

Heat treatment kills bed bugs without harming the environment; using heat to kill bed bugs and the eggs they leave behind. And, since treatment can be effective in a single bed bug treatment, it can be more cost effective than chemical alternatives which can often require replacement of bedding and even mattresses.

The reason that this works is simply that they cannot live at extreme temperatures. At 70°F, they will live and even flourish. They will lay eggs and spread. When the temperature gets up near 140°F though, they cannot survive.

Basic Price Guide

Standard size bedroom or hotel room costs: £150, treatment takes about 6-8 hours but the room is ready straight away.

3 Stage Treatment For Bed Bug Removal

  1. Using professional steamer with temperatures of up to 200 degrees, steam clean all surfaces. We use steam cleaners, as Bed bugs do not like heat and the die on contact with the steam, using steam unlike some pesticides also destroys the eggs.
  2. Using a high power vacuum, with a hepa-filter to start remove some of the dead bed bugs
  3. Then use liquid & powder pesticide. The liquid pesticide is sprayed on all exposed areas, cracks and crevices. Powder is applied to inaccessible areas such as services duct, roof voids and around electrical equipment where spraying is undesirable. Where access is particularly restricted, such as wall or bath paneling, a small hole would be drill and power pesticide blow into hole a resealed.

Basic Price Guide

Standard Size room costs £99 and ready to use after treatment in 4 hrs.

Bed bug removal in Surrey and Farnborough.