Crawling Insect Removal

We offer both Commercial and Domestic customers our crawling insect removal services to help maintain a healthy and hygienic environment.

So whether you’ve a cockroach-communion or flea-festival going on, we’re here to help with a range of options designed to suit each and every environment, as there’s nothing good about having these unwanted intruders making themselves at home in places where food is kept or people / guests sleep.

We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to the welfare of your environment. That’s why all KCS Cleaning specialists minimise the use of harmful insecticides; through the use and application of non-toxic, proprietary products that have been tested to work in highly targeted way, insect specific ways.

To find out more, simply fill in your contact details together with a few words explaining what type of crawling insect infestation you’ve got that’s causing you problems, in the form below.

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